Check our Online Store for product availability through our distribution warehouse.  Items that show "In Stock" generally will arrive at our Rifle, CO store withing 2-3 shipping days.  Items that say "On the Shelf Today" are already at our store.  Local customers can buy online and choose in-store pickup during checkout. This fast and convenient option insures that your purchase will be ready and waiting when you arrive at our store. Our retail store location does not charge customers for transferring a firearm purchased from shop.armsauthority.com. All in-store pick-ups will be subject to the applicable city, and state sales tax, plus the mandatory CBI background check fee.

county, and state sales tax, plus the mandatory 

Our Products & Services:


Arms Authority is a full service FFL dealer and we handle FFL transfers from many online sellers. We pride ourselves on making your online firearm purchase as smooth and easy as possible. 

When shopping online for a firearm, you will come across many retailers offering rock bottom pricing and think it can’t be beat at your local gun store. When deciding on these purchases, it is always wise to calculate the total price after the transfer fees, shipping, insurance, etc. That’s why our first suggestion is to always shop our online inventory or give us a call to see if we can beat the total cost. We have access to thousands of different makes and models of firearms through our network of distributors.

As you are shopping on some of the big online retailers’ websites, you will find that we are already listed as an FFL on file with them. In these cases, there is no need to have us contact them; just complete your purchase with them and the firearm will show up at our store. We will call you to complete the firearm transfer when it arrives. If we are not listed on the seller’s site, simply send us an email with their contact information and your order number, and we will take care of the rest – it’s that easy!



As a long-time well established firearms dealer serving Western Colorado, Arms Authority will sell firearms on consignment for just 15% of the sale price.  

This not only helps our shop maintain an ever-changing and extremely varied inventory, it also has many benefits for the seller. The benefits of selling a firearm via consignment sale include:

  • Not having to meet a stranger to sell your gun and then find a dealer to complete the transaction
  • Not having to worry about the buyer’s background or the legality of the sale
  • None of your time or efforts wasted trying to sell your gun
  • Not having to take photographs and dealing with dozens of questions from potential buyers
  • No worrying about shipping to out-of-state buyers and the legalities in doing so

 We have sold guns on consignment for many customers, and would be happy to assist you in selling yours.

How consignment sales at Arms Authority work:
Contact us and let us know you would like to us to sell a firearm as a consignment sale. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in setting a reasonable price that is in line with the current market value of the gun and any included accessories (magazines, original box, optics, owner’s manual, etc.).

Once a price has been set for your firearm, you will need to agree to our Terms of Consignment and sign a receipt to transfer the firearm to us so we can offer it for sale. We will put your firearm on various online auction sites and will also have it available for viewing to walk-in customers at our store.

Once we have a buyer, we will require the buyer to fill out all the usual paperwork just like purchasing a new firearm, or in the case of an auction sale to an out-of-state-buyer, we will ship to the buyer's licensed firearms dealer where they take care of the required paperwork. So you can rest assured that whoever purchases your firearm is doing so within the law. 
After the sale has been finalized, we will contact you to deliver payment.

Should you change your mind about selling your firearm, let us know and once any ongoing auctions are over, you can pick up your firearm. Upon pickup, you will be required to fill out the paperwork as if you were purchasing a new firearm from us and complete a background check. There is a CBI  background check fee of $6.00 that is charged to you at the time.  In addition, any auction listing fees will also be charged to you to recover our costs.

It’s easy to work with us and put your guns on consignment, and we look forward to doing business with you.